Supporter's Club "With Run"

Unfortunately, there are on a declining trend for attending the All Japan Road Race in the past several years. My first participating in the All Japan Road Race has been in 1994. In those days, there were many attendances in the circuit, and the each rider has a consciousness of being as a professional. I would like to warm up the road race field same as in 1990s. Therefore, I challenge the J-GP2, which is the new category since 2010. I feel that I am always with the supporters when I ride on the machine at the circuit. My motivation is still growing when I see the main stand, the supporters gives me encouragement, the reason why they always wear the 41T shirt. We can Never attend the Road Race alone. I would continue to do the Race, with my mechanic, helpers and supporters. "With Run" supporters club makes me back up, which is inaugurated since 2000, I appreciate and advertise for the supporters in this year.
#41 Youichi Ui

Information for the Supporters

Please apply for Suport application when you would like to join a fraternity Supporters Club. The amount of money for support is 10,000 Yen. Thank-you for your co-operation.
You shall get the Supporters T Shirt and original goods, after entering this Club.
If you support more than 30,000 Yen, you would get the ticket for All Japan Road Race with paddock passport.

Attention: Please apply in advance. For tickets which are in limited supply, we recommend that you complete order processing as quickly as possible after having placed them.

personal history

He got the GP125 Champion of All Japan Road race in 1995.
He starts the challenging of World GP125 by Yamaha・クルツ in 1996. He was the ace rider of Delbi and he got the winners' podium however he made the machine a start from zero in 1999. He got the second series ranking position in 2000. Especially, he got the 5 times of win, including the WGP the 3rd Japan Suzuka GP. He got the second ranking position in 2001 and continued attending the WGP in .2002 too. 11-time champion, 6- time second, 6-time third, 17-time pole position, 9-time fastest LAP
In 2005, he came back to Japan, and attended the ST600 with the team "Burning Blood" in All Japan Road Race.He moved to ProTech and attended the GP250 in All Japan Road Race in 2006. He got the GP250 series Champion of All Japan Road race in 2007. He attended the Suzuka 8 hours endurance race with Yoshihiko Fujiwara, that team name is "Brown LLENGER" in 2008. He attended the double class GP250 and GP125 of All Japan Road Race in 2009. The team name is "41 PLAN with Spruce/RT". He won the 3-time champion; Finally, he becomes the eternal champion of GP250.

It has passed 18 years since Youichi Ui has started challenging the pro-rider. After challenging to WGP for 9 years, he came back to All Japan Road Race. He got the 2-time GP250 champion in 2007 and 2009. And he challenges the J-GP2, which is the new category since 2010. He also manages the team "41 PLANNING" I will continue challenging the Road Race, and I do everything within my power, in order to penetrate to you. I appreciate your cooperation and your continuing support









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